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Let ParkTree Community Health Center be your family’s first choice for Chiropractic Care.

From headaches and back pain – let ParkTree help you with aches, pains and general wellness.

ParkTree’s chiropractic care services are here to help you “adjust” to the aches and pains caused from accidents, sports injuries or the stresses of everyday life! Chiropractic care can help you increase mobility, enhance athletic performance and help you achieve optimal health naturally.

Our Chiropractor will create a personalized treatment plan to address your conditions and concerns. Call (909) 630-7927 and schedule an appointment for care.

Improved help is just a phone call away! Let ParkTree help you with your discomfort
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CONSTRUCTION on HOLT AVENUE Between Garey Avenue and Mills Avenue until February 2024. To our patients coming for care at our Holt Avenue medical or dental facility be aware of the construction being performed on the street. Allow for extra time to travel to the health center so you can arrive on time for your appointment. And always remember to be safe when traveling (walking, car, bus). Thank you.

CONSTRUCCIÓN- En la calle HOLT AVENUE entre Garey Avenue y Mills Avenue a partir de hoy y hasta Febrero 2024. Este comunicado es para informarles a nuestros pacientes que vienen a recibir atención en nuestras clínicas médicas o dentales localizadas en Holt Ave que permita tiempo adicional para viajar y planifique llegar a tiempo a su cita. Y recuerde siempre viaje seguro (caminando, automóvil, autobús). Gracias.

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